sexy lingerie

umm Now I have to admit I don’t cross dress but I do Like it when I see a nice Basque either on a some shapely or a full Figure with the market now catering for the plus size woman. many of whom come in different shapes sizes and colours its a good thing to think that no one is really left out here. Lets face it sexy things or even sex sells its been selling for donkeys years now.. Men have been dressing like ladies for years you see it on telly in clubs in particular you have TVs and the like some looking good and some lets face it Dam awful, those of you who can pull it of good on you those of you who don’t give a dam great but come on guys some of you don’t look good and should know that I am not having ago I am simply saying you should think about what looks good on you and get some very valued information and speak to you mates boyfriends husbands and the like.

There is so much on the market these days for the young and the old even children are wearing these things now well its up to the parents if they allow it.

plus size knickers if you have a bigger frame well you know what you have to do to look sexy girls and guys plus size tights a must for the bigger frame. Plus size sleepwear for the comfy and sensual nights bridal stockings come on you got to look good on the night ladies stockings for the lady in you body stockings to give your shape a better frame silk stockings for the princes who like the sheer look mind they need looking after long nails I suggest you wear a pair of cloves good tip there thigh high stockings much better that pop socks or the ones that you see up at the knee not attractive that’s me giving my opinion fishnet stockings well cant say much here the make hairy legs look smooth loll lace stockings Nice seamed stockings simply sexy on the right legs stockings every day wear patterned tights for the creative person in you tights gorgeous black tights great for hiding things if you know what I mean. club wear is now where you see a lot of sexy now there is so much more clothing underwear women’s school girl costume dream girl French knickers Basques and corsets bus tiers

Great value under is always a good thing
feel sexy today


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